Curry is one of most remarkable ingredients in Asian gastronomy, especially in the India and Thailand. This condiment is mainly used in the preparation of meat and seafood dishes; however, it is also frequently used in the preparation of vegetables and legume.

Curry is the result of a balanced combination of different herbs and dry spices, among those, the predominant ingredients are coriander, ginger, grains of pepper, garlic, cumin, hot pepper, mustard, nutmeg, and turmeric, the latter one is the basic ingredient that gives the curry the yellow colour.

Moreover, curry has a wide range of tonalities: from yellow to ochre, brown to green, and pinkish to intense red. The most interesting fact is that each region of Asia has its own style of curry, and their tastes can be different from one region to another, so that there are curries of soft flavour to curries of very hot flavour, which has known as the red curry.

Not only that curry provides us the intense flavour as the result of a combination of diverse spices, but also it gives us many benefits to our health. Among those benefits, it should be pointed out its properties of strengthening the immunologic system, of helping prevent the Alzheimer disease, and its effective power against the inflammation due to the properties that are provided by turmeric. The extracts of turmeric contain big amount of antioxidants that helps fighting against the oxidant stress and increases the level of vitamin C in our organism. The specialists reaffirm that a moderate consumption of curry contributes to reduce the level of cholesterol, when it has been taken along with a balanced and healthy diet. If someone suffers from gastritis or heartburn, it would be recommendable to start adding this ingredient in her/his daily meal more often, since one of the most ancient use of turmeric has been to calm down the acidity or gastritis due to its properties that protect the stomach, improve the digestion process, and reduce the gas and swelling.

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