10 perfect Asian dishes for a picnic

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The nice weather is finally here, and with it comes the desire to have a picnic. We know that the classics (omelette, russian salad, pie...) are great, but why not try something different? Today, we have some perfect Asian cuisine ideas for an outdoor meal.

Spring rolls

Picnic con rollitos de primavera de Pure Cuisine.
Pure Cuisine Spring Roll Picnic.

Let's start with a classic, spring rolls, one of the Asian dishes that became popular in our country a long time ago. As the name suggests, this dish originated in China centuries ago to celebrate the arrival of spring. It can be filled with a variety of ingredients, from vegetables to meats and fruits. But what's interesting is the interpretation of its appearance, as many say it resembles a silkworm, an insect that is at its peak during the spring.


Takoyaki con katsuobushi, finas láminas de bonito ahumado.
Takoyaki with katsuobushi, thin slices of smoked tuna.

Moving on to a dish that may not be as well-known as the previous one, but it captures the taste buds of everyone who tries it. It's called takoyaki, a Japanese dish consisting of small balls made of wheat flour filled mainly with octopus and coated with a unique sauce for this dish. In addition to its delicious flavor, it is very convenient to carry and eat during a picnic. However, it is recommended to consume them while hot, so keep that in mind when planning your meal under the sun.


Gyozas rellenas de vegetales con salsa agridulce.
Gyozas stuffed with vegetables with sweet and sour sauce.

Gyoza, dim sum, potsticker, dumpling... By now, who hasn't heard of or tried these delicious Asian bites? The name may vary depending on the country and region, but the essence is the same: small fried or steamed dumplings filled with all sorts of ingredients you can imagine: pork, chicken, beef, vegetables... Don't forget to always accompany them with soy sauce or oyster sauce, which adds the perfect touch.

Vegetable tempura

La tempura es un rebozado muy fino y crujiente. La masa de la tempura se prepara tradicionalmente con harina, huevo y agua helada.
Tempura is a very thin and crunchy batter. The tempura batter is traditionally prepared with flour, egg and ice water.

Vegetables always play a prominent role in Asian cuisine. One of the most common ways to enjoy them is in tempura, which refers to the typical crispy Japanese batter. Any type of vegetable can be used in tempura: carrots, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, pumpkin... However, just like with takoyaki, this dish is best enjoyed freshly made. So, try to choose a picnic spot close to where you can buy your vegetable tempura for maximum freshness.


Makis and salmon nigiri from Pure Cuisine.

The most well-known Japanese classic in around the world is also perfect for outdoor dining since it consists of individual bite-sized pieces that can be eaten in one go without the risk of making a mess. If you're skilled in using chopsticks, you won't have any problem using them wherever you are. But if you still struggle with chopsticks, don't worry! Simply pick up the pieces with your hand and enjoy this culinary delight.


Los baos son panecillos ligeros y esponjosos cocinados al vapor y rellenos de diferentes carnes y verduras.
Baos are light and fluffy steamed buns filled with different meats and vegetables.

There's nothing more typical in any picnic than a sandwich. If it's your preferred choice but you want to give it an Asian twist, try baos. There isn't a clear origin for this dish, but it is commonly seen in street stalls in cities and towns in destinations like Taiwan. The combination of steamed dough with various fillings (chicken, pork, vegetables...) creates a delightful sensation on the taste buds.


El sabor del kimchi puede varios según factores como la cantidad de sal o azúcar y del tiempo de fermentación.
The taste of kimchi can vary depending on factors such as the amount of salt or sugar and the fermentation time.

Another classic for picnic days is salad, which in its asian version can be replaced with kimchi, a spicy Korean dish of fermented vegetables. It will be the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the dishes you select for your meal. If you've never tried kimchi before, we recommend getting a small portion for your first taste, as it has a strong flavor that may take some getting used to.


La palabra okonomiyaki está formada por el honorífico o, konomi y yaki, significando
The word okonomiyaki is made up of the honorific o, konomi, and yaki, meaning "cooked to your liking."

And what would a picnic be without a Spanish omelette? Let's replace it with okonomiyaki! The base of this Japanese dish is made with a batter of flour, water, shredded cabbage or yam, and eggs, to which a variety of ingredients can be added, such as scallions, octopus, ground meat, or cheese. It is then cooked on a griddle and served with okonomiyaki sauce, katsuobushi (dried fish flakes), aonori (dried seaweed), and mayonnaise, so that everyone can season it to their liking.


Aunque el origen del Korokke es Francés, forma parte de la gastornomí japonesa desde el 1900.
Although the origin of the Korokke is French, it has been part of the Japanese cuisine since 1900.

Yes, don't worry, we also have a substitute for the croquettes in your Asian picnic. Korokke is a Japanese dish that falls under the category of trash cooking. Its origin is rooted in French croquettes, but the difference is that instead of using béchamel sauce, korokke is made with a base of mashed potatoes. The classic filling? It depends on what you have leftover in your fridge...

Rice and noodles

Asia produce el 90% de arroz del mundo, por eso es un alimento tan popular en el continente.
Asia produces 90% of the world's rice, which is why it is such a popular food on the continent.

Asian cuisine is incomplete without its wide variety of noodles and, of course, rice. Dishes made with these ingredients offer endless variety, and it seems like you can never try them all, as each country, region, and city has its own specialties. If you're looking for something more substantial for your picnic, this is a great option. You can pack them in individual portions in a container and enjoy them with a fork, or if you want the complete Asian experience, with traditional chopsticks.

And what about drinks?

Here we enter another realm because Asian cuisine offers a plethora of beverages that are quite different from what we're accustomed to in the West. To give you some guidance, we recommend starting with bubble tea and trying refreshing drinks like Foco and Mogu Mogu, which are available at our restaurants.

Can you already imagine how your next picnic with an Asian touch will be? At Pure Cuisine, we offer an extensive menu featuring dishes from China, Japan, and Thailand, as well as perfect bites to take with you and enjoy in a pleasant corner of whichever city you're in. Take a look at our menu and come visit us to get delicious dishes for your picnic.