Bubble tea, the best drink to cool off in summer

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Summer is here and with it, bubble tea is back on the menu at Pure Cuisine. Have you ever tried this drink originally from Taiwan? If you haven't, you're missing out on a delight. Here's a bit of its history for you to start savoring the most famous tapioca balls in the world.

How was bubble tea born?

As with the origins of many products around the world, the story behind the invention of bubble tea has several theories. If there is one thing they all agree on, it is that this famous cold tea first appeared in the 1980s in Taiwan.

And, as with other gastronomic ideas that conquered the world, bubble tea or boba tea emerged by mixing some of the most typical ingredients of the Asian country: black tea, milk, tapioca balls, and some type of sweetener, such as condensed milk.

According to CNN, to understand the history of this drink, we have to look back to the 1940s when shaken tea by hand started to become popular in Taiwan, which preceded bubble tea. From then on, it became fashionable to drink cold tea for pleasure, something that was not common until then.

Several decades later, the two protagonists of our story appeared, both claiming to be the inventors of our beloved bubble tea: Tu Tsong He and Lin Hsiu Hui. While the former claims to have come up with the idea at a market, the latter says it emerged during a company meeting. Either way, they both had the same idea: to mix a typical sweet like tapioca with an essential beverage in Taiwanese society like tea.

The dispute over the creation of bubble tea was so great that it went to court with a fairly peaceful sentence: any company can prepare the boba tea and it is unnecessary to debate who created it.

In the end, what matters is the result: a delicious drink that, after crossing borders and arriving in countries such as Canada and the United States by Asian immigrants, has become increasingly popular in Spain in recent years. Finding a place to try bubble tea in cities like Barcelona or Madrid is becoming easier.

In addition, over the years, this drink has evolved and added new flavors to the classic and, in some cases, adding jelly instead of tapioca.

Bubble Tea at Pure Cuisine

Throughout the summer, in our Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia locations, you can try the refreshing bubble tea with different fruity touches: strawberry, green apple, mango, blueberry, cherry, peach, pomegranate, lemon, raspberry, lychee, and passion fruit.

Are you eager to taste the famous tapioca balls? We are waiting for you at our restaurants! In the meantime, take a look at our menu and treat yourself to the best of Asian cuisine.

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