Chinese wisdom for a happy life.

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No one said that living is easy. All people, regardless of social class, race, or culture, experience the challenges that life has to offer, some sweet and some more bitter.

The important thing here is to see each experience as a lesson that teaches us to be better people and to enjoy the simple things in life. An example of this is in Chinese culture, which is full of mysteries and teachings to face all the situations that arise throughout our lives.

That's why we present to you some Chinese proverbs to reflect on and face the adversities of daily life.

1. When you are overwhelmed with immense joy, don't promise anything to anyone. When you are dominated by great anger, don't answer any letters.

It is very important to have our emotions well regulated. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in situations that make us feel immediate happiness or, on the contrary, extremely unhappy or furious. In these moments, it is important to keep calm since the decisions or actions we take in these moments can offend other people or even hurt ourselves.

2. He who fears suffering suffers from fear.

Life constantly presents us with challenges, and it is up to us to see them as problems without a solution or as good opportunities to learn and grow as human beings.

Many times we are afraid to fall in love, to pursue that dream we have had for years, or that something bad might happen to us without considering that this fear is what hurts us the most.

But what if you fail? The important thing here is to see each fall as a lesson learned that will prepare us for the future.

3. Nothing feels better to the body than spiritual growth.

A sound mind in a sound body. If we start doing activities that make us feel fulfilled, we will begin to manifest good things like a healthy body.

It is proven that people who meditate, read, and feel happy get sick less and live longer.

4. Before becoming a dragon, one must suffer like an ant.

There is no easy path to success. In life, to reach the goal, we must climb step by step.

Although sometimes we feel stuck or not progressing, it is important to recognize that the small efforts of day-to-day life are what make us successful in the long run.

5. If your problem has a solution, why worry? If your problem doesn't have a solution, why worry?

In your life, do you occupy yourself or worry? Every time we face a problem, it is crucial to understand that if we let ourselves be carried away by negative emotions and anxiety, we will not only fail to solve the problem, but also harm ourselves.

And speaking of problems that are beyond our reach, the best thing to do is to go with the flow and stop worrying.

Now that you know a little more about Chinese culture, tell us, which of these proverbs will you apply in your life?

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